A Cash Ban is Coming to the US

india-canceled-banknote-india-rupee-and-banknote-declared-illegal-and-rupee India’s decision to ban Rupee notes above 500 has become the financial media’s topic du jour.

However, India is in fact just the latest in a series of countries to ban physical cash in higher denominations.

The war on cash has been going on since at least 2014 if not earlier.

To that end, France has banned any transaction over €1,000 Euros from using physical cash. Spain has banned transactions over €2,500. Uruguay has banned transactions over $5,000.

Outside of these countries Canada, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico and other nations are currently either proposing or rolling out programs that will ban cash from certain transactions if not completely.

And if you think this is impossible in the US, think again. A campaign is already underway to do precisely this.

Indeed, the number of high profile financial “experts” who have called to ban higher bill denominations if not banning cash altogether grows almost weekly.

As former Chief Economist for the IMF, Harvard’s Ken Rogoff is one of the most listened to economists in the US.

Rogoff’s current book is literally titled The Curse of Cash.

Then there’s former Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers. Summers has called repeatedly to stop producing large denominations of cash in the US. Indeed, despite the chaos this policy has caused in India he coauthored a piece stating:

”…nothing in the Indian experience gives us pause in

 recommending that no more large notes be created

 in the United States, Europe, and around the world.”

Even current Fed Chair Janet Yellen, arguably the single most powerful financial insider in the world, stated during a Q & A session “cash is not a convenient store of value.”

Regardless of your personal views on Rogoff, Summers and Yellen, they are some of the most powerful and connected financial insiders in the world.

If they are calling to ban cash you better believe that discussions on how to do it are taking place behind closed doors at the highest levels. The fact that insiders at this level are openly stating this tells us that a campaign to ban cash in the US is already underway.

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